Adoption Profile Review

Trust me– I know how important that adoption profile is to you. It is the first glimpse into your family, your life, your dreams, your heart. You want it perfect, right?

This is where I can help you! As a birth mother who has gone through an adoption placement myself, I’ve been on the receiving end and know what it feels like to be in their shoes– pregnant, scared, nervous, and ultimately just wanting the best life for our child. I remember sitting down with profiles balanced on my seven month belly and beginning my search for the parents for my birth daughter. I remember the importance of every word they wrote to me and the pictures they had chosen to represent them, and what drew me towards my daughter’s parents.

Are you wanting to make sure your profile is tip top shape to land on to a prospective birth mother’s lap? Make an appointment today to schedule a profile review and I’ll go over what looks great and what could use some tweaking. I’ll cover the basics, such as spelling and grammar, along with positive adoption language, and ensuring your heart is truly displayed within the words you’ve written. I’ll also study the pictures you’ve chosen and include any tips to improve if needed.

For the price of $50 you will receive:

  • A full review of your adoption profile and pictures
  • Written feedback report emailed to you within a week
  • An option to add phone consult at a discounted rate

I look forward to working with you! Head on over to the scheduling page to make an appointment.