The Birth Hour Podcast: My Red Tent Birth

I love sharing my birth stories with others. Partly for myself, to remind me of my own strength inside and to reminisce on the most special days of my life. My children’s birth days mean so much to me, whether they were “natural” or not, they all have memories and taught me something about myself. However, I also like to share my different birth stories in hopes that it inspires others to achieve their own birth desires– whatever that looks like for them. I was honored to share my story with an awesome podcast called The Birth Hour which is filled with many types of birth stories. You may of read my story or watched the video, but now you can listen to me tell it too! I also included a few resources of what helped me through my labor with Sadie. Take a listen and subscribe to The Birth Hour for many … Continue reading

My Favorite Adoption Book for Kids: The Tummy Mummy

  I am often asked advice on what to gift a special birth child, adoptive parent, or birth mother. While there are many great gifts I’ve stumbled on and given over the last 11 years (or savings to gift her one day!), for younger children within the adoption triad I recommend some adoption picture books to begin that conversation and make it part of their normal life. I’ve watched Anna grow up knowing she is adopted, who I am in her life, and the basics of why I chose adoption for her from a very early age thanks to her amazing parents who felt it was as important as I did. Adoption is her normal, having 2 moms with different roles is her normal. Having a brother she lives with and birth siblings who live a few hours a way is her normal. Over the years it has blossomed into a beautiful … Continue reading

When You Understand Why God Said No: Hope in the Wait

Back in November I shared my adult tantrum. A 20-something year old not getting what she wanted. Silly, I know. You know it happens to all of us! We were in the midst of house hunting after selling our little town home. We saw several houses we liked and within our budget, but for one reason or another it didn’t work out or feel quite right. God’s answer was “No. This one isn’t for you” over and over again. Though I stomped my feet a bit and admittedly even shed a few tears over, I knew underneath my disappointment that God had our best interest in mind. He could see the big picture where I couldn’t. And, oh, how He proved faithful as always He has in the past. And truthfully, I’m grateful He said no then because now…. Now I’m sitting here in our new home, officially owners of it … Continue reading

I’m Going to Texas! Pro-Life Conference Here I Come.

The past two years God has been slowly opening door after door to new opportunities. Ones that I’m passionate about, ones that I feel like make a difference in this world, ones that fill me up as a person outside of motherhood. Ones that I truly feel are my calling. Sometimes it is through writing, like here or here, sometimes it mentoring a young mom and encouraging and providing for her on her journey or connecting to a birth mom who needs some emotional support. Sometimes it is speaking (gulp!). Public speaking gives me such jitters, but when I’m done it is such a high of accomplishment. Kind of like birth. Thinking about it leads to fear and dread, but the challenge and outcome is worth it on the other side. (Am I the only one that relates things to birth constantly? Yes?) I was honored to be asked to be a part of the birth mom … Continue reading

Matters of the Heart Around Here {Free Printable!}

Thank Before You Speak Free Printable

My children are getting older, which has proven to be both a blessing a challenge rolled into one. More independence is wonderful in many areas (less diapers for one, woot!). …But with it comes the attitude. Lies. Harsh words. Teasing. And then momma gets involved which may or may not (probably) include yelling. The attitude of our hearts and what comes pouring out is our number one struggle right now in our household. Kids and adults alike. I couldn’t take the bickering any more! It is a daily– several times a day— battle. Please tell me we aren’t alone?! So while on my printing spree decorating my new momma command center and homework station I wanted to include some encouraging verses and guidance for all of us.  I’ve seen this quote all over Pinterest but none of them quite matched my style and colors I was going for.  So, I whipped one … Continue reading

Reflections: 2015 the Year of Joy

I like to make a post each New Year, not for resolutions necessarily, but to reflect on growth and see where God has had His fingerprints on our lives this past year. Each year God gives me a single word that I pray over for the year and His lessons are often wrapped around that word. 2010 was the year of greatness. So many amazing milestones! 2011 was the year of meh (it was okay?) 2012 was the year of healing. More counseling, more growing, more learning, more forgiveness. 2013 was the year of learning joy.  I named it that because I desperately wanted more joy in my life– I wanted to find the joy again in motherhood. Little did I know I would actually sink lower and I was be grasping for any joyful moment I could get! But it taught me so much. About myself, about my priorities, about … Continue reading

Searching for Adoption Stories

I love Talk About Adoption and the owner Callie behind it is such a passionate inspiration! She is a fellow birth mom and is doing so much to change the perception of adoption, supporting others in need, and let others facing a crisis pregnancy know that adoption is an option. Below is from Callie, she needs your story. Yours is worth sharing! I just want to say how awesome it has been to read the adoption stories that have been submitted to Talk About Adoption™. As a birth mother of 13 years myself, I have even learned so much about the role of a birth mother through these stories. I have cried happy tears, amazed at all the love and sacrifice each and every one of you gals have made. I am in awe of how much love there is in the adoption community, and I am blessed by every … Continue reading

Our Open Adoption Story Told in Photos

Open adoption story told in photos at

I participated in Big Tough Girl’s Photo-a-day challenge, each day I dug deep into a memory of what shaped my experience as a birthmom. I wanted to post them here as well to keep on sharing. And because, one day, these memories will be in a book and it’s easier to read on a blog when I’m forming new ways to tell our story. Enjoy!  Going through pictures tonight picking out ones to share for and it took my heart back in time. You never know when triggers will break open the crack and let the sadness out. I miss her and think of her every day, but some moments it is felt deeper than others. This photo was taken when my birth daughter was 2 (looking a lot like Ashlyn, my 2 year old now!) back when I was still a teen and we had monthly visits and sleep overs. A … Continue reading

Fit2B Cyber Monday Sale Codes!

It’s cyber Monday! Time to buy Fit2B – TummySafe Fitness at a discount price for your New Year’s goals 🙂 Tummy safe fitness to heal diastasis recti after pregnancy, safe workouts during pregnancy, and even ones to do with your kids! You can read my experience with how it helped my 5th pregnancy here. Info and promo codes can be found here. With 4 kids I don’t have time or money to make it to a gym, I love that I can have this option from the privacy of my home (I’m introverted, yo) and squeeze it in when I can. Plus? My kids love them too! Ready to join me? I need some accountability to tone back up after Sadie’s birth! I love Beth provides an online support group for us as well. Sign up here monthly or for the whole year.

Birth Mom Photo-a-Day Project

I know I don’t write here as much as I plan (see here for more consistent writing), but I am much more active on social media. Why? Because with 4 kids, it is easier to snap a photo, share a link, or write a little status update than to write out, edit, and make a photo for each thought I wish share. So, I want to connect with you over there! I’m participating in Big Tough Girl‘s Birth Mom Photo-a-Day Project, sharing my heart and treasured pictures from my adoption placement. It’s a snapshot inside look into my experience as a birth mom and what adoption means to me. Hope to see you there! Find me on Instagram or The Grace Bond’s Facebook page. And if you are a birth mom, I would love to see your own posts! Don’t forget to use the hash tag #btgadoption so others can find you. … Continue reading

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