Ready for SadieSince the holiday busy season has been over, I’ve been in the full swing momma-nesting mode. The energy I have felt the last weeks has been unreal. I’ve never felt like this withmy other pregnancies at the end, usually I feel more tired and achy. It is a welcome difference to my other pregnancies. I kind of wonder if it is the change in supplements I have been taking the last few weeks and being more consistent with it (doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality pack, extra iron, alfalfa, etc.). I feel great as long as I get sleep and don’t have insomnia or contractions keeping me awake, or don’t over do it too much and feel achy.

I have always been past my due date so I shouldn’t feel rushed, but this time have felt the need to have everything done, just in case. My house is clean top to bottom, between my nesting and a deep cleaning service. Tiny baby clothes washed and put away. All my children’s clothes are organized. I have all my birth supplies. My labor music is ready to go. My labor and post-baby oils, homeopathics, and herbs are ready to go (I plan a separate post on that soon!). My birth pool is waiting to be blown up and filled. Newborn cloth diapers prepped. Cameras are charged. Birth affirmations and scriptures are printed.  Phone numbers of people I need to notify when labor starts are ready.

I’m just ready.

Honestly, feeling this “ready” in every way, even emotionally, feels new. I feel accepting. This is a new kind of peace I don’t remember feeling with my others. I remember feeling ready physically to have my body back and not lug around the weight of my extra-large belly, but emotionally I remember feeling very in between and not at peace. On one hand, I couldn’t wait to meet my new baby and experience birth again. On the other, I had a hard time letting go of pregnancy and the last moments of feeling my child move within me. I do still feel that to a degree, but I also have this peace. A peace that God is doing and will do great things, so not to fear or try to hold onto something that isn’t mine to hold onto forever. I truly hope that peace will help my labor come on it’s own this time, and sooner than 41+ weeks as my other natural births have been.

I also find this peace interesting because, honestly, at the beginning of this pregnancy I was terrified. This pregnancy was expected, we felt God calling us to have a fourth child, but it happened sooner than I thought and with my battle of depression it was hard to grasp at first of why God would allow another. But oh, what healing has come since then! This pregnancy has turned into such joy and we are all so excited to meet Sadie soon. The joy that has been exuberant within our home lately in anticipation has been wonderful. Ashlyn has gotten out of her toddler-terror phase (for the most part) and my hormones feel more stable, which certainly helps. But, Mark and I are often finding ourselves smiling at each other and saying, “I love our kids” or talking about how soon Sadie will be out to enjoy snuggling with us each night. It is a reminder, a glimpse, of why God has entrusted us with these children in moments like those. For now, we are in a peaceful bubble in the calm before the storm. I love these special moments in time, though I know it won’t last forever. Parenthood is not always easy, in fact, this past year has been a huge trial in my motherhood and feeling unworthy of my children. But, having come out of that place gives a whole new perspective. I am looking to 2015 with expecting more joy, more grace, and more growth within myself and our family.

As I’m preparing my home to welcome another addition, I’m preparing my heart too.

I’m ready, Lord. 


Fit2B a Work in Progress

I suspected that I had diastasis recti for several years, but it wasn’t until after Ashlyn’s birth January 2013 (4th full term birth) that I started to work at doing something about it. I feared what would happen if I had another pregnancy after her, her pregnancy and birth left me feeling like I was falling apart! Personal trainers sounded great, but were expensive for our budget and truthfully? I hate gyms. I don’t like  the thought of people watching me, even if it’s just one trainer.  Plus, with kids, getting there is half the battle and I wasn’t up for that battle several times a week to work out or figuring out babysitting to make it on time.

Somewhere I stumbled on Fit2B and I was thrilled at not only the price ($10 a month, y’all!) but that I could do it at home! Streaming through their website or Roku, I could work out anytime I could fit it in– during naps or while my infant played on her mat nearby– sometimes even in a carrier! I also really liked that Beth Learn, the founder, is a Christian and she keeps her videos modest and very encouraging. And best of all, almost e very single video is “tummy safe” meaning that won’t make an ab separation worse if you are doing them properly. No planks, no sit ups, no crunches. Which, in my previous post-partums I had been doing! Beth’s videos and support group has taught me so much about my body, how it best functions, how parts all work together, etc. and that knowledge is a beautiful thing that extends beyond doing a video 5-45 minutes a day. I love that she gives tools for real life, like how to lay down correctly, how to stand up from the floor, how and when to utilizes our “God-given girdle.” And Bonus! My older kids love the workouts too!

Now, I say how much I love Fit2B, but I’ll be honest in that I wasn’t always consistent. In the last year and half I had phases of going strong while other times I let it slide. Once I got into later 1st trimester of this current pregnancy, I completely stopped because I simply had no energy to give to it.

Even then, this shows me that any progress is progress. Below is my 3rd pregnancy with my son 4 years ago compared to me today with my current pregnancy. This is proof that I did something! And still am as I remember the super quick and easy Foundational Five workouts that I can do while brushing my teeth or in the shower. Or, making sure that I’m properly aligned throughout the day. Now that I’m heading closer to birth, I plan to make this a priority again to prepare physically. Plus, it counts as stress relieving self-care, which is so important! I also wear a maternity FitSpint on days I am running errands or on my feet a lot to help support as well. It makes a big difference in my back and pelvic comfort!

31 week comparison

I still have an ab separation and still have work to do to heal years of misalignment and many pregnancies that have stretched me in every way — but I have hope that one day my “mommy pouch” will be gone and that gap will be closed completely. I also have hope that continuing this program will help Sadie be better aligned for labor to make it an even easier delivery! Maybe, just maybe, her position will be perfect and I won’t go 1-2 weeks late yet again? We’ll see when her time times.

Want to get started yourself or find out more? They have tons of information, how to tell if you have diastasis recti, and free sample videos.  Head over to Fit2b!


This post contains affiliate links which may compensate me if you decide to purchase. I promise to only post about things I truly use and believe in! This is one of them. Thank you for helping to support this blog and our family.


Updates and Tantrum Pity Parties

It’s been a while, no?

Life is busy these days. And tiring in everyway– seeing how I have 3 kids and growing a 4th. Plus a husband, a house, and a cat that found us to take care of. We’ve had some issues here and there with our children, like anxiety and sleep, or the terrible terror that Ashlyn can be as she approaches 2 years old next month. Some days are so good, and some are so long and overwhelming. And truthfully, I haven’t had much brain power to sit down a write except for other places like Adoption.Net.  My husband and I have been known to fall asleep on the couch by 8 or 9 some nights! We’re just tired. This is a hard phase in life, surrounded by little people all the time. But, of course, glimmers of joy remind us why we keep doing this and why we are so excited to meet Sadie in February to add to the mix.

My life these days revolves around all those things above, but doTERRA has quickly become one priority as well and I love it! It feels good, just like with writing, to be paid for something I am passionate about. Helping others to improve their health with gifts from the earth– from God’s creation– is so fulfilling and fun.  I like having purpose outside of this home, outside of motherhood. But, I like that I can do it at home within my motherhood! What a beautiful balance that is.

31 weeks with Sadie editPregnancy wise, I’m 31 weeks now with Sadie and feeling it. Some days I still feel great and enjoy it. The absolute best part of pregnancy is feeling her movements, I love it. Feeling my children’s movements from the insides gives me clues as to their personalities. Makes it all worth it! Some days though when I’ve over done it, standing too much, doing too much, I feel it all over and I’m ready to be done.  And the hormones! Oh, the hormones. I literally will cry at anything these days.  Really silly things.

Last week my sobbing in Trader Joes’ check out line felt justified though. Prior to shopping, I had a cat poop on my spot in the bed, cat pee on the curtains (she was mad we left her at Thanksgiving apparently), Ashlyn tearing apart special items, climbing on the counters, etc. (you truly cannot take your eyes off her!) and I really didn’t want to go grocery shopping but I forced myself too. I wish I hadn’t.  See, Ashlyn has always been a ninja-super-escape-artist of the belts in carts. Now that she’s almost 2, it is impossible. I know people passing by wonder why I don’t buckle her– it’s because there is no point.  She also cannot sit still now and has a very loud voice.  Snacks only last about 1 minute of distraction before she starts screaming, throwing herself out of the cart, or trying to eat the food still in packages. So, by the time I’m halfway through my shopping trip she is DONE and throwing a fit. I’m flying through the isles with her on my hip/baby bump so she doesn’t bash her head on the floor, Jaxson in tow swinging on the cart like a monkey, and my inside stress-o-meter about to hit max force. I make it through, surely missing things on my list but just ready to GO, but then we have to stand in line. Ashlyn doesn’t like this one bit and continues to try to escape my arms while screaming. Nothing will console her and I feel so overwhelmed and can just feel the judgement of others burning through my confidence, “She can’t even handle the kids she has, and she’s pregnant again. HA!”  Then the  hormones kick in and I just can’t stop the tears. Pity party in line 4! The people around me were so sweet though, despite my fear of judgement. The cashier gave me free flowers. A mom behind me gave me some encouraging words and a gentle touch on the shoulder. I wanted to hug her, but I thought that might be weird or make me cry more. I surely hope Ashlyn is getting all this terrible-two-ness out of her system now before Sadie arrives. And props to the awesome Trader Joes and their customer service. My favorite store for so many reasons.

Adoption wise, things are quiet and peaceful as we both are busy and respect that we have 2 separate lives. We visit soon though and we all look forward to when our lives intersect once again, even for a few hours.

So that’s life in a nut shell– or a grocery cart– right now.

What’s the craziest tantrum you’ve endured with your toddler? Any public mommy-melt downs like mine? 


Stepping Stones to God

Stepping Stones to God: what's your story? ||

Image Credit: adapted from Emily Mills via Flickr Commons

Last night half of our ladies small group shared our testimonies so that can we can know each other deeper and see how God reached into our lives to change our hearts. The situations He used were all different, but one thing is the same: There were stepping stones leading down to Him so that He could bring us UP. Stepping stones that often lead to heartache, depression, and many questions. But, oh, how God has used those situations for His glory!

My story consists of everything from living between two family’s back and forth, feeling unstable amongst all the moving we did and changing schools every few years, sexual abuse, turning to boys for what I thought was “love,” to 2 teen pregnancies, adoption, and a young motherhood.   It’s not a pretty story. My early years were filled with heartache and searching in all the wrong places. But, these latest chapters are ending up to be a lot happier…because now I have a relationship with God. I have His peace, His strength to being me through whatever He brings me to. To be honest, for many years I felt bitter and angry towards God and people in my life for not protecting me as a child or trying harder to talk to me as a teen.  Why wasn’t there more rules and discipline? Why didn’t a person who was supposed to love me, hurt me? Why didn’t God stop it?  I couldn’t answer those questions, things just were they way they were. It took counseling and a change of perspective to see how God used all these situations, even as a 4 year old, to lead me to the point of sobbing in my room at 7 months pregnant when I was 16 years old. I finally was at my lowest of lows, where I had no where to go anymore but UP with and to Him. I’m so grateful for that, I am. I am thankful for the trials that broke me and humbled me. I am thankful for each stepping stone.

Sure, it is hard to be in the situations at the moment.  Even just a year ago, I was on a stepping stone of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety (and just so. darn. tired.). It was a very hard year emotionally, but it is often during those trials that I feel Him most. He was there every step of the way, guiding me and giving me tools, helping me to discover more of myself and who He is. Helping me to move forward and forgive, helping me to change my perspective to His perspective. Looking back now over my 27 years, I finally see the answer to why that I always questioned of my childhood: to bring me to Him. 

What were your stepping stones? I’d love to hear your stories! Are you thankful for your trials?

It’s a process, for sure.

A Natural Path: Essential Oils

Stewart Quote

It’s no secret that I favor the natural life style, a path that I feel God has lead me on since Savannah’s birth 7 years ago beginning with the desire for a natural birth after 2 inductions and epidurals (yes, Sadie will be born at home God willing!).  Step by step, He’s been leading me to make changes. It started with what shampoo I used, or going from white rice to brown rice to no rice, but my life has drastically evolved over all (much to my husband’s dismay, sometimes). I’m no where near perfect in my diet or all my products, but certainly far better than I was years ago as I keep learning more.

This past year and a half God has continued growing me in learning more of how to help myself and my family without always seeking doctors and reaching for medicines (however, I do believe those certainly have their place when truly needed).  Essential oils. I know, you’re thinking, “Great, another one of those bloggers with that fad.” It actually isn’t a fad, they have been used for centuries.  Oils even have been mentioned in the Bible over 200 times! Certainly though, they are getting more recognition in our society lately as people are discovering them more widely. Even still, I remember my mother having a bottle of lavender 20 years ago before this “fad,” and now that I know what I know, I understand why she has always loved lavender! Turns out, it is one of my top favorite oils, too.

I’ve been using them for the past year and half in countless ways. I love how versatile they are! From DIY cleaning recipes, to hand sanitizer, to bug bites, to even putting a drop in our food every now and then…I love them. I didn’t write a whole lot about this but the first oil I fell in love with was doTERRA’s Elevation Blend.  I was in my mist of PPD, desperately clinging to Joy…which ironically Elevation is the Joy blend!  I couldn’t stop smelling it, it was my new perfume daily.  And granted, it did not magically pull me out of depression and I had to still work to make lifestyle changes (self care, y’all!), seek counseling, and above all else cling to the Lord…but it was a tool God used to help me in those moments of sadness for no reason and feeling just overwhelming.  Some days, it still is the oil I reach for as I aim to calm this stress of a momma of 3-going-on 4, but I have some new favorites, too! They change as my seasons change, my needs change emotionally. Physically? We all typically reach for an oil before an over the counter product now…even my skeptic husband.

All this to say, God is taking me on a beautiful journey of discovery and I know He’s moving hearts around me to do the same: To follow Him, to pursue a simpler and healthier life.  I’ve created a Facebook group where I’ll share more information about what has worked well for us, if you are interested in joining please do! It’ll be a place to talk about healthy living with a dash of grace mixed in. It’s a great place to start if you are new to oils. I’m not here to sell to you (but, I’ll admit, that would be an awesome blessing to our growing family if you decided to buy!), I’m here to educate and listen to your needs. You decide what to do with the information.

Or, just come hang out and say hi since Facebook doesn’t show The Grace Bond’s statuses or links much anymore :-) I truly want to get to know my readers more, so come join in the conversations!




Knowing That I’ll Need Help

Hiring Help for Momma

If you’ve read my thoughts on here at all this past year, you know it’s been a struggle at times. Basically, sleep deprivation and feeling overwhelmed by all the demands of being a wife, mom, wanna-be-writer, and everything in between was a heavy weight to feel like I could not handle anything. Praise the Lord things are so much better, most days are filled with bursting joy (some moments though…watch out…I might get hangery on you) and I am so grateful to feel like me again!  The tiredness of 1st trimester is in the past, the gagging is gone, and second trimester is pure bliss right now. I remember now why I keep doing this over and over ;-)

To be honest, I’m slightly terrified of being in that pit again after this baby comes. I’ve written before the tools that have helped me climb out of the pit, one ladder rung at a time with God leading the way, and I know those will continue to be a help. They still are a help even in these blissful days to keep me in check. Like today? I bought flowers for myself and a pretty card to use as art simply because I liked it. That right there, is a cheap way to self care ($4 bouquet, $1 card. Thank you as always for your awesome prices, Trader Joes). It lifted my going-to-bed-too late tired spirit that didn’t want to be grocery shopping, right into rays of sunshine of my Wednesday.

I’m already planning how to not be in that pit when this new baby comes. I know I’m going to need help after birth for a few months to not feel so overwhelmed. Is that a bad thing that I know I’ll need help? Does that make me weak? Does it mean I can’t handle the kids I have? No, it doesn’t.  It makes me human. We all need help and breaks at times to keep at our best. Our society has moved into such an independent mindset that we forget that our humanity once lived in a village that supported each other. It was survival.  I know I need a village, I know I need help. And, I know I will offer help to others who will need it when their needs arise. When I asked for help in my first trimester, it was such a weight lifted off my shoulders when bags of groceries arrived on my doorstep or a meal was placed in my oven that I didn’t prepare.

Knowing I’ll need help, I’m preparing for that already at only 18 weeks along. I’m a planner, ya know.  I considered a postpartum doula, but man are those expensive! Plus, upon further research they center more on teaching and helping with baby care. With this being my 4th baby I’ve parented, I’m pretty confident in that area…and it’s the one area that has not been overwhelming for me in the past. I LOVE babies. After all, they don’t talk back yet and snuggle all day :-)  But, I will need help with the stuff that does overwhelm me if I can’t or don’t stay on top of them for whatever reason. Folding laundry. Dishes. Sweeping. Vacuuming. 5 people in a house, soon to be 6, make lots of messes. Over and over and over again. As soon as I get a basket folded, another needs to be washed. That is what makes me feel like I’m drowning. So, I decided to hire a mother’s helper instead of a doula and, oh, what a God send that will be! Besides these tools I’ve learned to survive in survival mode, I think hiring help (and asking for other help as I have had to do before when truly needed) in whatever way that looks like will be a very good thing for our family. Create your village, mommas.  And yes, I’m totally willing to give up something in our budget to make this happen. My sanity is too important to not. Or, to put aside gifted baby money towards this since we don’t need many physical baby items.

A happy momma is a happy home, right? I feel like it will help me focus on the priorities of those special, yet challenging at times, postpartum months even just having 2 hours a week of help.

What do you think? Would you ever hire a Postpartum Doula or a Mother’s Helper? Would it be hard for you to let the dishes go and let someone else do them once in a while? 



It’s a…..

What is it edit

It's a girl!

My gut feelings were right, it just felt like a girl to me 99% of the time.

Sadie will be here name. I love it. (Middle name yet to be decided)

Belly is growing quickly now and her little kicks are getting stronger each day! We can’t wait to meet our newest addition in February. Though, Jaxson is a little bummed he won’t have a brother, he says he is excited to have another sister to bug :-)

18 weeks with Sadie

He or She? What will it Bee?

We had a fun ultrasound this morning!  Newest baby is 16 weeks along now and we decided to find out what we are having…

…in 2 weeks. (The sealed envelope is beside me right now. Oh, the torture!)

Mark wanted to wait until the birth in February, but I couldn’t wait. Our compromise was to do a reveal party with the family. So, we are having lunch with family and my birthday cake will reveal boy or girl inside!

What will it bee

What’s your guess?

Heartbeat: 140’s

Craving salty or sweet: Salty and spicy!

Nausea: Not too bad, like my other girl pregnancies

Carrying: Higher

Chinese birth chart:  Girl




8 Tips to Living in Survival Mode


Survival mode can happen for many reasons. Sickness, family issues, job loss, pregnancy exhaustion, a new baby transition, sleep deprivation, a late postpartum depression (as it was for me this last year)…you name it.  For me, it usually stems around pregnancy and the infant stage because I am just. so. tired.

Below are the tips and tools I’ve learned in the last year to survive in survival mode. I’m writing this post for others, but also for myself. I need to remember what tools helped me climb out of the pit after my last episode of PPD that set in around 6 months postpartum after Ashlyn’s birth and sleep deprivation really hit hard.

1. Self-care is crucial. The number one thing I’ve learned this past year is how important it is to fill myself up. If I can’t fill myself up, I cannot effectively serve others whether that is my own children, my husband, or a church volunteer position. I’ve written a whole post about this in the past, but to summarize: do what makes you feel good.  For me that means taking time to just sit and read, having a set night once a week to go chat with friends at a coffee shop or go write, or doing something creativity. Things that makes me me and not just “mom.” It really makes a huge difference when you allow yourself a break to refresh! Even a few minutes daily is all it can take.

2. Have a routine. I used to think I was a go-with-the-flow kind of mom. Turns out I’m not! I’ve learned that I thrive with structure, but when I get in my anxiety-sleep-deprived-funk I start letting my structure slide. I start rationalizing that it’s okay to stay in PJ’s all day because I’m tired, or skip my morning cleaning time, or allowing too much TV instead of only at our set time.  Then what happens? I feel guilty. Guilty for looking like a slob. Guilty for not having anything done by the time my husband gets home from work. Guilty for not spending time with my kids.  I’m not saying every day has to be a set structured day with a whistle blown exactly at 8am signaling breakfast time, or that there isn’t room for rest or having off days, but the problem is when every single day things slid in the wrong direction.  Have your lazy day when you truly need it and certainly allow rest during the day, but also try your best to get some things done. I know for me, feeling productive makes me feel so much better as a whole.

3. Get ready early in the day.  As mentioned above, when I start letting things slide I also let my appearance slide. This isn’t to mean that being vain in your appearance is priority, but simply feeling more presentable even if its just for yourself and your husband makes a difference. I’ve found even the simple task of just showering before lunch makes me feel better and helps me feel more energized to tackle chores. Putting on jeans or a comfy maxi skirt instead of PJ pants makes me feel better.  Not feeling like a greasy monkey makes me feel better…Period! Make it your routine to get ready as soon as you can each day. During the school year, I like to get up 30 minutes before our kids so I get that quiet and uninterrupted time to myself. It was a drastic step in the right direction for me.

4. Small successes count.  Also adding onto to #2 on the note of routine…when I’m feeling down counting anything I did that day is considered a check to my to-do list. Got dressed by 9am? Check. Kids are fed and relatively happy? Check. Got the dishes unloaded? Check. Some days that really is all I feel I accomplish, but somedays that has to be good enough!

5. Make compromises.  Maybe it’s your food choices. Maybe it’s your cleaning expectations. Maybe it’s your idea of having actives or playdates every day of the week with your kids, when all you really need and want to do is sleep from pregnancy exhaustion. Reconfigure your priorities for this short survival season. For me? That meant not having the healthiest dinners possible every night….just having food at all had to be good enough in my nausea and exhaustion phase of first trimester. It meant that I got the laundry clean, but I didn’t fold it for a month (still climbing my way through that mountain!). Make compromises where you can, give yourself grace. What are your true priorities right now?

6. Ask for help!  This was a humbling experience for me. I had to ask for help recently and broadcasted it on my Facebook. I was truly beyond exhausted (I have been known to fall asleep on the floor at a birthday party….for real…), emotionally spent, and felt I couldn’t offer anything to anybody anymore.  I asked for prayers, help grocery shopping, childcare, and laundry folding. And guess what? The response was amazing and such a blessing!  I wrote more about that experience over at The Young Mommy Life: Would You Ask A Friend to Fold Your Laundry?  Chances are you have a village around you, friends and family who want to help you if they just knew what you are going through. Speak up and use your support.  

7. Know this is only a season.  Really, our lives are a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things. And this season you’re in? It may feel like it has been or will be forever, but it won’t be. Things will get better.  Your babies will sleep one day. Circumstances will change. You won’t be pregnant forever. Having the perspective that it won’t be this way always helps me make it through one day at a time.  And really, that’s what survival mode is: Taking one day at time.

8. Seek professional help if needed. At my lowest point last year when Ashlyn was around 6 months old I had a scary thought,  “I just want to go to Heaven. I’m not a good mom or wife. I mess up everything. They would be better off without me here to mess them up.”  I remember nursing my daughter, thinking that thought, and just crying. I truly felt broken and no good to anyone in my life. I had lost my purpose and drive in life. I had lost myself amongst laundry and diapers.  While I knew that I would never take my own life, I really wished God would just beam me up to Heaven where life wouldn’t be so dang HARD. Why is parenting so hard, after all? It is supposed to be this glorious picture of joy. It’s not always, and I thought I was doing it wrong.  That thought scared me, and told me that I needed help beyond my own family and friends advice. I sought out counseling through my church and went roughly once a week when I was able. And guess what? These things I’ve listed I learned in counseling. It’s not a shameful thing to seek counseling, it’s a beautiful process of self-discovery. God has taught me so, so much through it.

What tools help you in survival mode? I’d love more suggestions for when the I fall into the next pit! 

The Silence in Survival Mode


Silence in

It has been quiet around here, I know.  I’m just getting out of survival mode.

At 12 weeks pregnant now, my need for survival mode has lifted in the last week or two. But, the months before that I have been exhausted to the point of daily necessary naps, living off boxed mac and cheese (at least it’s organic?) and take out, and ignoring my large mountain of laundry.  My kids watched way too much TV and it literally was weeks in between seeing playdates and friends. Sigh.

This wasn’t how I planned my summer. I had grand plans to have some kind of activity every day for the kids, whether it was the library or playing in water outside. It’s just not happening this summer.  I have guilt that I can’t do and be what everyone needs right now, but I’m learning to be okay with that…for now. I’m learning that it is okay to let things go, like the dishes, and do them when I do get a spurt of energy. And while I know I should be eating healthier right now for myself and this new little one, I know that when I am feeling better I can make the healthy changes I need a whole lot easier. ‘Cause I’ll have energy to chop a zucchini and onions again! I’m getting there.

I’m also learning that survival mode looks like humbling yourself and asking for help. I have the best friends, I really do.  I have had people do my grocery runs and offers to watch my children so I can nap or brought us a REAL homemade dinner.  People have even offered to fold my mountain laundry! I am so amazed and blessed by the support I’ve received simply by asking for what I needed. It was hard to do, but it has really lifted some weight in the last week.  In turn, it has been easier to just enjoy the moment of where we are in life right now despite it not being what I had hoped for this summer break.

To be honest, I feel like my last year has been a survival, since last summer after Ashlyn’s birth and I hit a late PPD.  I was just getting out of the pit that I felt I was in and feeling like me again. I was in a good routine for cleaning, getting ready early in the day, we had a set TV time that limited their watching to only when I needed a break, I had a set writing schedule for my blog and other various articles or book writing, I even had a set night out once a week to visit friends or go write (and enjoy a rare piece of cheesecake..hmmm).  Pregnancy has thrown all that out for now, simply because I do not have the energy. I’d rather nap than write or be in bed at 8pm than just be going out to visit others at that time.  Not being able to fill up my own self-care cup has taken a toll and I started sinking into that pit again. Now that I have energy, it is much better. That, and a refreshing vacation for 10 days visiting family and a trip completely alone with my hubby for 6 glorious days. But that’s another post.

While I’ve climbed out of the pit again so far, I’m nervous for what will bring when this baby #4 comes. I’m obviously very sensitive to my needs to sleep, and my babies are not very conductive to that need! Ashlyn is just now sleeping through the night at 18 months, in fact. It has been a long, tiring road raising these babies. But, I know the difference next time around is that I have tools God has given me this past year while climbing up and out. And I now have the perspective that it is just a season, a fleeting part of our lives that is also filled with moments of joy and I can make it through.

 What about you? What has put you in survival mode? What tools get you out of it? 

  • May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer. Psalm 19:14