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I first “met” Chaunie back in 2010 when she was interviewing birth moms for a Feminists for Life magazine.  In the years I’ve “known” her virtually, I have become quite fond of her, her constant stream of articles in various places, and have found that we have so much in common. I mean, the woman loves to write (me too!), she has 3 kids and baking #4 as we read (me too! Wait. No on that last part.), and she is a dedicated young mom just as I am. That last part is what has really drawn me to her story and her writing over the years. She gets me. She gets what it is like to be a young mom and the challenges we face simply because of age and the season of our lives.  Over the years, her blog has grown and I’ve been rooting for her on the sidelines as she now has landed a book deal as well. I was honored when she asked me to review her new book, Tiny Blue Lines: Reclaiming Your Life, Preparing for Your Baby, and Moving Forward with Faith in an Unplanned Pregnancy.

And y’all? It is a great one.

If you are pregnant with a surprise baby, you need to read this book. Oh, what a resource this is! Everything from telling your family, to bonding with your baby, to labor, to trying to plan a wedding while pregnant, this book has encompassed the whole experience with valuable tips and perspectives from Chaunie and other young moms who have been there.  It is the book I wish I had in my hands when I was a nervous and guilt ridden 19 year old, pregnant with Savannah. Chaunie is so relatable, you feel like you have a mentor sitting right there with you, sharing a meaningful conversation over coffee (decaf, of course).  If you are one of the many young moms who has found herself in an unplanned pregnancy, this book is a geared toward you. It is a much needed guide and source of empowerment you need right now!  There will be many who think you can’t do this, there will be people who judge you, but this book is one of hope from moms who have been in your very seat. The underlying message is this: Life is not over, this is just the beginning!

If you already are a young mom, you need to read this book. Even if it was 7 years ago, like it has been for me since becoming a mom at 19.  There is so much wisdom in her words that point to healing from our “bad choices” and letting go of shame.  She helps you to see what a blessing these children are, no matter if they decided to come at a time people may consider it to be untimely. Everything she wrote was so familiar to me, it was pieces of my life on paper during the early years of my motherhood. I found myself nodding as I read, laughing, and underlining  sentences that rang true to my heart on every page.  I loved that though Chaunie’s story is slightly different than mine, as are the other ladies interviewed, the common thread is still there: We are young moms. Here’s how we made it, you can too.  It was a wonderful reminder of where I was almost 8 years ago when I saw my own tiny pink lines and all that God has done in my life as a young mom.

If you are the dad in an unplanned pregnancy, a parent of a young mom, or a professional worker who helps ladies through this process, you need to read this book. It will help you see life from her shoes and growing pregnant belly. It will help you see what she is struggling with internally, things maybe she hasn’t said out loud. It can help spark discussions and start thinking about the game plan for her and her baby’s life. Most of all,  she needs your support right now and this book is a great way to show that support in wanting to relate with her and simply be by her side no matter what she decides. I pray this book helps bring a new understanding and compassion towards young moms, with an air of support instead of judgment.

From an adoption perspective, it is only mentioned in a brief paragraph as a choice since this book is geared towards young moms who are planning to parent. If you haven’t decided what you will do, this would be a good look at the parenting side and it has valuable information to make an informed decision. However, I would look elsewhere for the realities of making an adoption plan and support in addition to this book.

From a Christian perspective, Chaunie is Catholic and her faith is weaved in and out through her story. I am not Catholic, but I could still relate to her faith in God and the things God taught her through her experience.  The underlying message is still the same: God loves me, God loves my baby. I really appreciated having this added perspective and truth throughout and God used it to speak to me, even 7 years later as some days the guilt and shame still haunts me.

I can’t say enough good things about this book, and not just because I love Chaunie, but because it truly is a wonderful resource for many surrounding young moms.  You can purchase a copy of “Tiny Blue Lines” on Amazon, as well as enter to win a copy right here!



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  1. Leslie says: Reply

    I’m a young mom myself! I would love to read this book!

  2. Kimberly says: Reply

    I become a mom to a set of twins at the age of 18 and went through all the ups and downs of being a teen mom. I’m currently 24 with three daughters and have just recently gotten to the point where other peoples negativity don’t bother me. I’d love to hear about someone else’s experience!

  3. Oh I am so glad you just stopped by my site and I came over here. Thisbook sounds super excellent and JUST what people DO need to here. I would love to read it so I can share it as well and have it added to my resources list for the unexpected mom.

  4. amanda says: Reply

    I would love this book for my sister in law! She recently became a mom at 18, so I think she would benefit from this book!

  5. Alyssa Wyngard says: Reply

    I would love this book because I was a pregnant 20 year old college kid sitting in a crappy college house freaking out about how I was going to take care of another person when I could barely take care of myself! Now at 22 (still in college) it’s inspiring to see how other women have succeeded and it motivates me to be the best student and mother I can be!

  6. Jessica Seston says: Reply

    Would love to read this book myself and share it with other young moms I know. I became a young mom at 22, pregnant at 21

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