The Truth About Toys

Why do we, parents and family, buy our children toys? I mean, it’s hard not to buy them because I know when I was little I would have loved to play with the cool gadgets they have out these days. But, they end up pushed aside and while our kids play with the simplest item possible. Why is that?

Sheets over chairs to make a fort, forget that cool play ground out back. Laundry baskets used as sleds in the winter time. Mommy’s keys instead of those plastic ones and Daddy’s cell phone is way cooler than that stuffed animal. Not to say the cool toys don’t get used, but

Savannah has learned to love packages. I think she loves that loud crinkle-y sound when she bangs on it. And of course, because it’s one of those simple things that apparently thrills kids. Today I was eating one of those 90 (yummy, convenient) calorie packs and she was eying it the whole time and tried to grab it away several times. When I finished I dumped the crumbs out and placed it near her to see what she’d do. Of course, she grabbed it. Banged on it a little bit. Chewed on it some. She was in package heaven. It entertained her for quite a while (I kept an eye on her though, no worries).

I tried to put her in the exersaucer with the floating duckie, singing star, piano keys and spiny thing, but that didn’t last long.  She’s enjoying her self much more rolling around with her package.  Which, rolling has become her way of getting around.
Not that there is a problem for children loving the simple things in life. A child needs imagination. It just baffles me at how big toys are in this world, how often we spend hundreds of dollars at Christmas and birthdays, and all they really need is a good ole common house item. Go figure.

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