Surprise Baby Shower!

It’s been almost two weeks already since my amazing friends and family drove hours and spent a ton of money to through us an awesome baby shower. But still, I had to share.

I was told I was meeting Kaylee’s family for dinner with Mark.  We were told to go to Buca Di Peppo (sounds fancy, huh?), an italian restaurant near out mall.  And so, we get there, ask for our party, get a tour of their kitchen (which, they have a table for guests to eat at in the kitchen. Neat), and then walk into this room with a ton of my friends and family circled around.  I think people yelled, “Surprise!” But what do I know, I was too in shock and excited to see everyone.  All I could do was smile until me cheeks hurt.

Then, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Take my coat off? It sure was hot with all those people staring at me. What do I say? It was an awkward moment for me. You see, I’m not the most out going, talkative person. I’d much rather be in the back ground observing and to have all eyes on me, I felt frozen.  Hopefully no one noticed that part though ;-)

After the awkward moment, I said my hello’s, gave hugs and posed for pictures, still smiling like a goof I’m sure.  I was just amazed at all the people there.  Everyone there had to drive a good ways to come to this shin-dig just for Mark and I.  From 2 hours to 10 hours, people showed how much they love and care just by hoping in their car.  Very touching! Among the guests where my Mom and Stepmom, Kaylee and her Mom, Mark’s Mom, my friend Naomie from back in Elementry school and of course, the three amazing ladies who put all this together from 3 different states, Jenna, Denise and Breanna. There were plenty others that came along, too. Oh, what great friends I have.

We ate really good italian food. We ate really good cake (that glittered!) that was so simple, but beautiful that I didn’t want to slice into it. But, the guests wouldn’t have that, they were in a hurry to eat that sugary-goodness! The little girls present at the party (one of them being my little sister) all wanted the little booties on it made of icing. Seriously, who can make booties out of icing?  A talented person, that’s who.

And what comes after cake?! The presents! Oh yes, the huge amount of presents.  A whole half of the wall was covered plus one or two tables. That’s a lot folks. Everyone circled around as I began opening. Eventually Mark helped too, as well as the little ones, because really, there was A LOT and people still had a long drive a head of them to get back home.  We are pretty set baby stuff wise.  We got all the big things we needed: the car seat and stroller travel system, a big girl car seat, the swing, the pack n play.  We got toys, books, photo albums, safety necessities, diapers (!), including a whole diaper cake Breanna wonderfully made.

But, the one thing I was most excited about was the Mei Tei carrier from Jenna. I’ve been wanting one for months. And oh. my. gosh. I finally have my very OWN! As soon as my eyes fell upon the wonderful star fabric with pink straps, oh I knew it was it.  I can’t wait to really try it out with little Savannah once she is born and big enough to use it. I. am. so. excited!

After presents were all unwrapped, it sadly was time to say goodbyes.  We cleaned up and made 500 million trips to the 2 cars needed to carry all the stuff back to Mark’s house.  Then, Mark and I went to the hotel where Jenna, Denise, Breanna and their families were staying for the night.  Surprisingly, we didn’t stay up extremely late as our usual visits go.  We were all exhausted. We even drank Starbucks and it still didn’t keep us up. But, I imagine with 10 hour drives with young kids in tow, that has to be extremely tiring!

Everyone put a lot of work into this party. From getting the restaurant, the presents (a lot!), to creating the little chocolate candies in little bottle and bootie shapes. We even had pink flowers. And for that, I have to make a huge thank you (yet again! Because seriously, I can’t say it enough) to all of those who attended and had their hands in this in anyway. You all are amazing.


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