How I’m a Mom of 5 Living Out My Writing Dream

I’ve had many comments lately asking me to share my “secrets” in how I have begun my writing career from home as a mom. For the last 10+ years I knew I wanted to be a writer, but to be honest freelance writing wasn’t how I envisioned it to happen! I thought I’d be a big time blogger, right here, bringing in income like I’ve seen others do. Nope. I thought I’d be selling thousands of books of my adoption story. Nope.  My dreams found me instead— through freelance writing.

Now, I get paid to write about topics that I am truly passionate about and live every single day. I love feeling like I am contributing to not only our financial situation, but to the world in hopes it gives readers encouragement that they aren’t alone or inspire them to explore their options.  It is a win-win for me getting to do what I love– giving me purpose outside of being a mom– and it helps pay our gigantic food bill for a family of almost 7 (seven! Ah!).

You want to know my secret? Chaunie Bruise is my secret. Everything I have learned as a freelance writer and many of the opportunities for employment have been through her! She’s my writing mom hero. I have watched her start from scratch with 4 kids in tow and now makes in the thousands per month in writing for big names like Babble (you’ve probably seen her posts floating around Facebook often). She has even published a book! We also are kindred hearts with stories of unplanned pregnancies, young motherhood, larger families, miscarriage heartbreaks, and addictions to coffee mugs designs.

So, my fellow writer friends, do you dream of getting paid for what you love? Do you want to know the tools– the same tools I used– to begin your own career? Everything I learned is in Chanie’s Online Writing Class.

What you get in the course:

  • Work at your own pace weekly training (crucial for my busy mom life)
    Includes all the inside tips to get started like gathering creative ideas, where to find jobs, how to pitch to clients, tax rules, etc.
  • Professional critique on assignments
  • Chaunie as a mentor (this has been priceless help to me!)
  • Group Support including job postings
  • Free submission spreadsheet to keep track of your pitches and assignments

I’m on a budget, too. I feel ya. But, I promise the investment in you and your passion is worth it to begin getting paid for what you love as well. This course is packed with information and gave me the step-by-step guide my type A brain needed to begin the pitching process to paying clients in a very easy, personable way. It also gave me the “in” into the writing community looking for writers like you and me. I recently was hired for my highest paying writing job yet because of Chaunie’s private writing group! Many of these job openings you won’t hear elsewhere since websites often ask her for referrals, plus you have a community to ask questions that may pop up along the way in your writing process.

Is always working from home easy? No. Especially balancing family life with many little ones. Is it worth it? Oh yes! I love that I can create my own hours and be able to make school pick up in the afternoon or holiday feasts in their classrooms. It takes dedication, some late nights, creative scheduling, and perhaps a pretty mug of coffee…but it is a great way to have the best of both worlds as a stay at home mom.

Ready to get started? Click below.



This post contains affiliate links, which helps support our little (big) family as well as the families of the service or product. I promise to only suggest things that I have used and truly love myself. This is one of them! 

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