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I’ll confess, I dread buying gifts for people. Perhaps, it’s because I want them to like it so much that I overwhelm myself with indecision of what would be best or that I try too hard to put meaning into each gift that I end up overthinking it (My husband is nodding in agreement, I’m sure!).  Sometimes I can think of the perfect gift easily. Most times though I am immersed by all the options available as gifts, feeling like I’m drowning the in the sea of stuff  and my anxiety raises.

If you are like me, still looking for the perfect gift for a special someone, perhaps this will help!  I recently learned about a great company run by an adoptive mom and I have fallen in love with her unique designs and the heart she puts into them. Deirdre is an adoptive mom to her daughter from Equdor and has formed her love of Christ and adoption into beautiful gifts to inspire others and tell their own stories.   I love how many pieces reflect Biblical truths and God’s love.  Gifts that speak to the heart and serve a purpose of reminding us of truths are my personal favorite!

Deirdre has many beautiful gifts, ranging from ornaments to jewelry to keychains, items for both men and women. I especially admire though that she has a whole section for Adoption gifts.  Adoption gifts can be hard to come by despite how openly prevalent it is in our society these days. She had the same issue in finding adoption related gifts and decided to make her own!

Whether you are looking for an adoptive mom, a birth mom, or for your birth child, there is something for everyone involved in an adoption here. As a birth mom, I can see myself giving Anna a “Loved” necklace when she is a tad bit older to remind her that she is so loved. Doubly loved, we like to say, since she has 2 families that love her very much!  For the expectant adoptive mom, there are gifts for hope. The “Adoption Story” bracelets are also a neat concept in that it tells a story with each bead and charms which can be personalized with your own dates. The “Celebrate Adoption” bracelets I love too, because it is such a great reminder of what a gift adoption can be and in how many different forms it can take!

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I also really love the, “Born into Heaven” necklace as a mom who has had a miscarriage in the past.  Just in the past year I have known many friends who have endured miscarriages or stillbirths. Perhaps you do as well and this may be a beautiful way to honor that child who was born into heaven earlier than planned.

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Of course, most of these gifts could easily fit just about anyone on your gift list as well. I think it’s awesome how simple words and designs can mean different things to different people. Deirdre also takes custom orders if you have a specific idea in mind.

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Win it! Deirdre & Company has graciously offered a $30 gift certificate to win just in time for holiday shopping.

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If you don’t win, don’t worry! Enter THEGRACEBOND at checkout to receive 25% off. Expires 3/31/14.  Cannot be combined with other specials or coupons.

Now go get shopping for those last minute meaningful gifts you’ve been searching for!

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  1. Jen Mc says: Reply

    Beautiful things! Love the pearl drop ones!

  2. Loni says: Reply

    Leah, you took the words right out of my mouth. I love giving gifts but want it to be so perfect that I end up not buying anything at all 🙁

  3. I like the I’m with you always cross

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