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  • Dear Twins: I Miss You


    Dear twins, I don’t know why you two have been on my mind so much lately.  Usually I feel so at peace with your short time with me, merely weeks within my womb, knowing what I know now and that it was best for us at that time. Over four and half years since your […]

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  • They Need a Name

    For the most part I feel peace about the miscarriage I experienced back in 2009, as do I about my adoption experience. I felt and saw the hand of God during those times and that only strengthened my faith and brought me the peace I needed, and still need, about those hard times. But some […]

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  • Missing My Belly

    While I am still at peace and know there is nothing I could have done about my miscarriage, I’m seeing pregnant people everywhere or stumbling across their blogs where they describe pregnancy stuff…and it stabs me in the heart. While at Best Buy on Friday I was watching Mark and Brother-In-Law play Rock Band when a […]