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  • He or She? What will it Bee?

    We had a fun ultrasound this morning!  Newest baby is 16 weeks along now and we decided to find out what we are having… …in 2 weeks. (The sealed envelope is beside me right now. Oh, the torture!) Mark wanted to wait until the birth in February, but I couldn’t wait. Our compromise was to do […]

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  • 8 Tips to Living in Survival Mode

    Survival mode can happen for many reasons. Sickness, family issues, job loss, pregnancy exhaustion, a new baby transition, sleep deprivation, a late postpartum depression (as it was for me this last year)…you name it.  For me, it usually stems around pregnancy and the infant stage because I am just. so. tired. Below are the tips […]

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  • The Silence in Survival Mode

      It has been quiet around here, I know.  I’m just getting out of survival mode. At 12 weeks pregnant now, my need for survival mode has lifted in the last week or two. But, the months before that I have been exhausted to the point of daily necessary naps, living off boxed mac and […]

  • Adoption
  • A Rewriting of Our Adoption Story

    My first article is published at Adoption.Net! Will you head over there to leave some comment love?   I still remember the night I found out I was pregnant with my birthdaughter, whom I’ll call Anna. Despite my age of only 16 years old, a boyfriend who wasn’t interested anymore, a junior in high school, […]

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  • Counting Our Blessings

    Our family is super excited to announce another blessing will be joining us in February!  While we all felt we would have another eventually, we were shocked to see it happen this month.  I didn’t feel pregnant at all and only took a test to prove to myself that my period would come, but low […]