Breaking News: Savannah Has the Chicken Pox!

Yes, our 4 month old who hardly leaves the house, some how, has chicken pox.

I first noticed a bump of puss at her hair line on Sunday morning as we were ending our visit with the grandparents.  I swear, as the the day progressed, and Sunday turned into Monday, they multiplied right before my eyes.  By Tuesday I knew she had to be seen by the doctor.

We did our research online and couldn’t figure out what it was! She hasn’t really been outside and gotten into anything. She shouldn’t have gotten too hot or too much sun exposure.  We hadn’t seen any bugs near here, and would they have kept spreading like that, anyway? We were stumped.

We got an appointment for Tuesday afternoon with her Dr.  He recognized it pretty much from the beginning but brought in other doctors to look, just to make sure.  Needless to say, she was the talk of the office as the youngest patient they had seen with the chicken pox.  He said that he hadn’t even seen a case of the chicken pox in 6 months because the shot they get at the age of 1.

My poor girl though. I hate to see her covered in miserable looking red, crusty bumps.  They don’t seem to bother her too bad, just the ones on her head. Perhaps it’s a good thing she’s so young and won’t remember this itchy time.  Plus, she’s too young to know how to really itch (but her head) so that’s a good thing, right?

This is just yesterday after we got home from the Dr’s.  They’ve now covered her face, on her eyelids, throughout her hair, behind the ears, in the diaper area (those look painful…ouch!), a few on her stomach, etc. and look much, much worse than this picture. I hate to think of it getting EVEN worse, but I know it will. I hate having to see her this way!

We’ve been lathering her up in calamine lotion and giving her oatmeal baths. Good thing she likes bath time. Not only is it fun and relaxing, it helps her to feel a smidge better and not so itchy.

Well, thanks for saving us a shot later on, Mr. Chicken Pox.


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