A Natural Path: Essential Oils

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It’s no secret that I favor the natural life style, a path that I feel God has lead me on since Savannah’s birth 7 years ago beginning with the desire for a natural birth after 2 inductions and epidurals (yes, Sadie will be born at home God willing!).  Step by step, He’s been leading me to make changes. It started with what shampoo I used, or going from white rice to brown rice to no rice, but my life has drastically evolved over all (much to my husband’s dismay, sometimes). I’m no where near perfect in my diet or all my products, but certainly far better than I was years ago as I keep learning more.

This past year and a half God has continued growing me in learning more of how to help myself and my family without always seeking doctors and reaching for medicines (however, I do believe those certainly have their place when truly needed).  Essential oils. I know, you’re thinking, “Great, another one of those bloggers with that fad.” It actually isn’t a fad, they have been used for centuries.  Oils even have been mentioned in the Bible over 200 times! Certainly though, they are getting more recognition in our society lately as people are discovering them more widely. Even still, I remember my mother having a bottle of lavender 20 years ago before this “fad,” and now that I know what I know, I understand why she has always loved lavender! Turns out, it is one of my top favorite oils, too.

I’ve been using them for the past year and half in countless ways. I love how versatile they are! From DIY cleaning recipes, to hand sanitizer, to bug bites, to even putting a drop in our food every now and then…I love them. I didn’t write a whole lot about this but the first oil I fell in love with was doTERRA’s Elevation Blend.  I was in my mist of PPD, desperately clinging to Joy…which ironically Elevation is the Joy blend!  I couldn’t stop smelling it, it was my new perfume daily.  And granted, it did not magically pull me out of depression and I had to still work to make lifestyle changes (self care, y’all!), seek counseling, and above all else cling to the Lord…but it was a tool God used to help me in those moments of sadness for no reason and feeling just overwhelming.  Some days, it still is the oil I reach for as I aim to calm this stress of a momma of 3-going-on 4, but I have some new favorites, too! They change as my seasons change, my needs change emotionally. Physically? We all typically reach for an oil before an over the counter product now…even my skeptic husband.

All this to say, God is taking me on a beautiful journey of discovery and I know He’s moving hearts around me to do the same: To follow Him, to pursue a simpler and healthier life.  I’ve created a Facebook group where I’ll share more information about what has worked well for us, if you are interested in joining please do! It’ll be a place to talk about healthy living with a dash of grace mixed in. It’s a great place to start if you are new to oils. I’m not here to sell to you (but, I’ll admit, that would be an awesome blessing to our growing family if you decided to buy!), I’m here to educate and listen to your needs. You decide what to do with the information.

Or, just come hang out and say hi since Facebook doesn’t show The Grace Bond’s statuses or links much anymore 🙂 I truly want to get to know my readers more, so come join in the conversations!




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