Worship During Labor Playlist: Oceans

Worship Songs For Labor Oceans by Hillsong United ;; TheGraceBond

One of the most popular posts so far has been my Worship During Birth: My Playlist.  It has been pinned a few times on Pintrest (I mean, ten re-pins is better than my normal zero, right?), I’m glad to see it has helped at least 10 people inspire their own playlists and Christ-centered births!

We do feel like we have been called to have one more child, for which I am both ecstatic and fearful since I do struggle with anxiety as it is. The adjustment of adding a new little one to our family has proven to be just that…a huge adjustment each time. But, with each child God also reveals and teaches big things to me as a woman and a mother.  This process– this journey– of refining He has me on is worth it regardless if it is tough at times. In 2 Corinthians 7, Paul wrote about having a figural thorn in his flesh. He never revealed what that thorn was, but for me, mine is this anxiety (which is getting better day by day as He is teaching me how I tick inside, praise the Lord!).  It is what keeps me humble before God, clinging to Him and not being too proud in my own doing.

That said, since I’m pretty sure that I will be going through pregnancy and labor one more time, I’m always on the look out to add more songs that are calm, soothing, and focus my heart on Him for birth one day. Lately the new song by Hillsong United, “Oceans,” has been playing a lot on my radio. One blurry-eyed morning as the new day sun shined after dropping off my oldest at school, the lyrics eased their way from my ears to my heart and I realized how the lyrics would be perfect for labor one day.

In the natural birthing community, some people prefer to use another name for “contractions” since that name often brings a negative association and the mother may expect and experience more pain. (There are studies that show women in other cultures who didn’t know labor should hurt, didn’t hurt during birth!).  One word some people use instead is waves.  Contractions come and go, rise and fall, just as waves do as they rush upon the shore and then gently return back where they came from.  It is for this image I believe “Oceans” is one of the best songs yet added to my Worship During Labor Playlist.

And I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Isn’t that beautiful?  It sums up exactly what I desire in labor, to call on Him for strength and to keep me above the waves of my body.  And when transition nears and it feels like the waves will take over me, I want that reminder that I will still rest in His strong arms to help me and my new baby through. The rest of the lyrics are awesome, too, but this part speaks to me the most.

Obviously, this song is so relatable in any circumstance you may be facing in your life right now.  How comforting that image is, whether it is a daily struggle to find joy in the journey you are on or whether it is a challenging season of a tragedy surrounding your family, God will not let the waters touch your eyes. He gives us rest in His arms. We are His, and He is ours!  He will guide us into the unknown.

What was your favorite music during labor? 

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  1. JoAnn Barton says: Reply

    Leah, what beautiful thoughts and words. I love you, Mark, Savannah, Jaxson, and Ashlyn more than you’ll ever comprehend. I would gladly welcome a new Outten bean if you feel this is God’s plan for your family. There’s enough love to share in our family (and our extended family), and you know this, yes?

  2. Great, thanks for sharing this blog post. Keep writing.

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