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Are you looking for quality content written from a passionate heart? I would love to help you build your website content and increase your views. In doing so, you’ll also take advantage of my growing social media platform.

I specialize in content on open adoption from the birth mother perspective, pregnancy, motherhood, natural living, natural birth, Christian faith, and inspiration. Basically, I write best from my personal experiences and passions.

I have been writing for over 10 years and hold a BA degree in English. My work has been published on various websites including:

1) Adoption.NET

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2) Your Care Everywhere

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3) Babble

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4) Big City Moms

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5) America Adopts!

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6) Birthmom Buds

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7) Reach Adoption

Branches of Motherhood and Adoption: A Birthmother’s Experience

8) Chaunie Bruise

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9) The Young Mommy Life

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10) Destiny In Bloom 

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11) Binti

Our Word Is Our Bond: The Open Adoption Compromise

9 Unexpected Things to Expect When Parenting After Placement

12) Guiding Star Project

Should a Birth Mom Breastfeed or Pump Before Placement?


Send an email to leah (at) thegracebond.com for inquires, rates available upon request. Looking forward to see how we can work together!

I’m looking for help, too!  I am working on my book proposal with the goal to publish my full adoption story along with my journey towards faith and healing. I’d love to work with you if you have experience in this area!

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