{Thankfulness Day 8} Our Little Home

Its hard to believe its been 2 years since we started our search for a home with our awesome realtor, turned friend (You can read about our roller coaster ride here, scroll down to the bottom). We looked at many houses in different areas, price ranges, different ages. Nothing felt right…until I walked into the door and glanced into the room that I’m in now as I type this. It was perfect. It still is perfect for our needs. Like finding a spouse…you just know when its the one. We love it. I seriously look around every day amazed at the home God had placed into our lives despite our long wish-list of needs in a home.

For one, we had a very small budget that made it difficult but this was actually under our goal! It has the open concept I wanted to be able to see my kids where ever I am and run around the house to chase them (or loop around in circles while trying to keep contractions going a year ago!). It has the perfect amount of rooms we needed, including a playroom/office (I guess a guest room would be nice, but we make it work!). It was a newer construction and in excellent condition (no brass fixtures or fixer-uppers for us, please!). The location is idea, with an awesome school down the road and close to highways and shopping. Our neighbors are pretty cool, too. And one of the best things? We don’t have to mow our own yard. Mark and I are not yard working type of people. Since we technically live in a town home (yet amazingly share no walls with neighbors!) HOA handles the yard maintenance. God knew what we needed and absolutely blessed us with this home exactly when we needed it…coincidentally we found it the same time that I should of had the twins I miscarried in December 2009. We honestly could in vision us staying here forever, living a simple life. When we have more kids they can bunk beds, right? 🙂

Here’s our house when we found it 2 years ago. Now it has a swing and a million pink-and-purple toys all over the porch! And it has blinds, definitely love having blinds. Thank you God for our warm home!

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