{Thankfulness Day 4} My Hubby

Oh, my sweet husband. He rocks. He does things to make my life easier and he’s great at little (and big) surprises.  I love that he knows what I like and then does it–for no reason other than he loves me. I’m trying to be more like him in that sense. He’s so romantic.

Like, last night he spent his night cleaning up the entire down stairs while I was away babysitting for a friend and he left me this sweet note. The dishes were done, laundry was folded that had been sitting there since Monday, floors swept, counters wiped, toys up. He’s a better cleaner than I am, we joke that he should be the Stay-at-Home-Dad and I go make the living. Speaking of being a Dad? He’s a fantastic one! He knows how to make our kids giggle like nothing else can. He makes up the best songs and can make anything a game. He’s very involved in their lives and I’m grateful for the man he’s always been, that he’s stuck with me all these years in our ups and downs (*ah hem* like teenage pregnancy). Many guys would run away from the responsibility on his shoulders at his age, but he carries them with strength. Especially as He’s growing closer to God.

6 years ago he saw me sitting alone at a bus stop at Appalachian State University and thought, “Some how I’ll know that girl.” Who would of thought I would end up his wife and we’d have this beautiful life together now? So thankful for God bringing him into my life!

I love you too, punk. Thanks for all you do and all you are.

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