{Thankfulness Day 3} Deer in My Backyard


As I opened my blinds this morning at 7:30, I knew I’d see them today. It had the early-morning-heavenly-sunlight-glow about it. As I was feeding Jaxson his oatmeal, sure enough one came out and then another…and another. Sometimes we see up to 6 deer at a time as they leap over the fence from their forest home to my grassy backyard.

The first day I saw them was just a few months ago when I was taking my trash out the back door, I stepped out with my bag and stopped. I was shocked to see a deer staring back at me a few feet away. I froze, willing the deer to stay and hoping I wouldn’t scare her as I went about my chore. The deer stopped and stared back for a few seconds and then went back to her gentle eating, trusting me not to harm her. It’s always a treat for us when they come, our whole family will stand at our kitchen windows and watch them in amazement at such peaceful creatures that seem to trust us with their presence.

So today, I’m thankful for deer in my back yard. Its like a love note from God, He knows how much it delights my family!

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