{Thankfulness Day 10} Colors

Colors make me happy.

Savannah keeps asking what my favorite color is and I tell her I can’t pick just one. I love them all in their own way and for their own purpose.  I love the colors that God has given us in nature (Our pastor joked one Sunday that God’s favorite colors must be green and brown because they are found everywhere!). I love the color of food, especially when my plate is loaded with many vibrant contrasting colors of fresh fruits or veggies. I love the colors found in my wardrobe; a lot of teals and greens. I love the blue of my husband’s eyes and the purple of an orchid.

I’m thankful that we don’t live in a black and white world, but one full of excitement and beauty. One where a burst of color in the golden and red trees outside in the November sun can feel like a love note from God, too.

Colors are changing

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