{Thankfulness Day 1} God

Yes, I know today is November 2nd. I’m starting my journey of thankfulness a day late, so expect 2 posts today to make up for it! Get ready for some thankful sappiness , folks 🙂

I’m going to start by simply being thankful for God, for all that He is and does for us.  Without Him all the things in the posts that will follow would be meaningless or simply wouldn’t exist in my life. I would have made different choices without His guidance, I’m sure. Starting with God seems only natural as that is where I aim to have my focus every day.

I’m grateful for His sacrifice, because I know I am certainly unworthy. I’m thankful that He has redeemed me and washed my slate clean.  I’m not that girl I used to be and it is only by the mercy of God that I am able to let go of that baggage. I’m thankful for everyday that He gives me to spend on this earth with the many blessings He’s provided, especially my family.

Most of all, I’m thankful that He is a God that we can have a personal relationship with, that He’s not just a bunch of rules to follow or religion wrapped in tidy a bow, but a Father who loves us and desires to hear from us. His rules have a purpose to protect us, just as I have rules for my kids, not just to keep us from having fun. He’s a Father who shows me that love every single day if I’m paying attention, whether through something in nature or a verse in the Bible that seems to be written just for me and found at the perfect moment.   I love that I can go to Him with anything– even when I’m angry at God! He already knows my heart…why not tell him about it? I love the peace He has provided me in the hardest situations in my life even when I was hurt and angry with Him, like my adoption and miscarriage, but also  in the simplest moments of my daily life.

He’s a Father that sets the example of how to parent my own children. He shows the importance of discipline and how crucial gentle loving words are even when I selfishly want to say other things. I’m thankful for that role model, I’m thankful I have a guide in the Bible…even if it is confusing a times!

Thank you for You, God. All that you are.

(Borrowed this picture from my dear friend, Leslie, who saw this beautiful sunset after a night of worship with our church. Just another beautiful reminder of His love and goodness!)


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