WATCH: Our Story in Talk About Adoption Film

I was so honored to be asked by Talk About Adoption‘s founder Callie Jett to be the birth mother interviewed for her film a few months ago. I have a separate post prepared for all the behind the scenes pictures and emotions, but today I will go ahead and share the final film!

This premiered at the Pro-Life Women’s Conference this past weekend where I spoke on a birth mom panel sharing our different experiences and advice surrounding adoption. You can view that here for more insight on different birth mothers’ perspectives.

And now I present the heart behind why I write and share our story, this beautiful baby girl who is now my same exact size at 12 years old…(I did stop growing at 12, so, sorry Anna!)

LEAH from Talk About Adoption™ on Vimeo.

Please, please share it!

We aim for the world to see the option of adoption as a valid option over abortion, if parenting isn’t an option or not felt to be what is best. It gives life, it saves life. Not just the baby, but a new chance at life for the birth parent, too.

We aim for people to change their view on birth mothers, that we aren’t scary people that media or movies make us to be! We are typically normal, everyday people surrounding you and you don’t even realize it. We are moms, we are students, we are hard workers…but most of all we love our child to the depth of our core and THAT is why we make this choice– out of love.

We aim for adoptive couples to see that open adoption isn’t scary. It can be a beautiful, healing choice for all involved since the child at the center of it all has both the stability of their adoptive family along with knowing their birth family to ask questions to fill in the puzzle pieces of their own life. Anna, while certainly has made it known that she misses us when she is home, is very at peace with her own adoption. She doesn’t have to question why I made my choice, if I loved her, if I miss her, because she can see and hear it with her own being! That is a gift to her– I am so grateful for her family. I pray this film will help potential adoptive couples open their hearts to open adoption.

Now, get out there and share!

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