Self-Care: Set Goals with a Daily-Docket

daily docket 3

daily docket 3

In the past month or so, I’ve learned an important thing about me and a key to my happiness: I’m a type-A person. I thought I was more of the loosey-goosey, go with the flow type girl that didn’t need structure or organization because that’s how I’ve lived.  But oh, do I need it. When the house is in chaos, I feel chaos inside.  When our days are loosey-goosey, the TV stays on too long and my to-do doesn’t get checked off.  I get overwhelmed by mess and don’t know where to start, or I spent my time on other things and not my kids, and then I get angry at myself for “failing.” So, in the new year one goal I have for myself is to organize my days better, for my own sanity and for the benefit of my family. When I’m happier, of course they feed off that and are happier, too!  I also want them to learn responsibilities and understand that that we are a team so cleaning should be a team effort,  so more chores are being given to them which means less on my overwhelmed shoulders. (I’ll share what helps motivate them soon!)

I’ve set out to make a Home Management Binder to help my check-list loving self schedule my days more efficiently. So far, so good. Not every day is a 100% success, but those days are happening more often. Joy is happening a lot more when I don’t feel so overwhelmed with chaos. Seeing my/our productivity even if everything isn’t checked off is a huge boost to my momma self-esteem!

One of the most important pages in my binder is my Daily Docket page. You can print it from The Art of Simple here for yourself. I keep it at the front of my book in a clear page holder so that I can write on it with a wet-erase marker each day.  I have other pages for meal planning, long term calendar, daily cleaning check list, cleaning tips, etc. and I’m in the process of adding more. But the daily docket!  It is the most used, most looked at page that holds the important pieces for each specific day. I love it.

The best part? It even has a spot for daily self care!  If you are like me, when you set a goal for the day and write it down, it’s easier to be reminded and make it happen.  My self-care goals each day are to take my vitamins (my nails and hair will cry if I don’t since nursing takes so much from me!), drink enough water, do one video from Fit2b (Use code FITMOMMA if you want a discount for your own membership!) or at least implement the techniques throughout my day to strengthen my core wrecked by my pregnancies, and something that soothes my creative soul (writing, reading, sewing, etc.). Remember, taking care of yourself is super important!

Spending time with God and mediating on His word is a huge step to my joy as well. I don’t always get lots of time to read the Bible but the daily docket has a spot to place a verse of the day (or inspirational quote, whatever you want) that helps me focus on one truth to hide in my heart and apply throughout the day. I have a devotional book that has one verse per day that I usually copy from that. I also have a verse of the day app on my tablet that sometimes is the one that speaks to me more. Whatever seems fitting for the day! God knows what I need when I need it. Lately I have been needing the truth of leaning on God’s strength, not my own, so today’s verse has been up there for a few days to remind me!

What are your goals for the new year? Do you have a home management binder or something else that helps keep you productive and feeling good?  

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    I finished putting together my home management binder in December. It is so wonderful having everything in one place! I purchased several printouts from the “iheart organizing” etsy shop. I also purchased her planner and created a budget binder. Her organizational skills have been a major blessing! I love being organized and so far her methods have worked better than mine!

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