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I love Talk About Adoption and the owner Callie behind it is such a passionate inspiration! She is a fellow birth mom and is doing so much to change the perception of adoption, supporting others in need, and let others facing a crisis pregnancy know that adoption is an option. Below is from Callie, she needs your story. Yours is worth sharing!

I just want to say how awesome it has been to read the adoption stories that have been submitted to Talk About Adoption™. As a birth mother of 13 years myself, I have even learned so much about the role of a birth mother through these stories. I have cried happy tears, amazed at all the love and sacrifice each and every one of you gals have made. I am in awe of how much love there is in the adoption community, and I am blessed by every single person in the adoption triad – Birth mothers, adoptive families, and birth fathers who stick around. It is such an honor for us here at Talk About Adoption™ to be able to share these stories to others on our social media pages!

No person outside the adoption community will ever understand or know the depth of adoption unless we inform them, right? About the ups and the downs; the real-life feelings and the stages that go with the journey of adoption. The amazing stories that people outside (and inside) the adoption community urn to read. They want to hear our voices, and they want to learn with us. They see that birth mothers make this courageous and selfless decision, and when we are able to share these breath-taking adoption stories, they are amazed at our strength and dignity. They see adoptive mothers and fathers loving their children that grew in their hearts, and they want to hear more. They want to know what this decision is all about, and then, how they can move towards presenting domestic adoption the correct way to the people around them.

In this generation, women facing unplanned pregnancies are demanding more and more options. Women want to know about all of their options, and they want to feel they are not alone in their journey.
We are excited to take this next step in creating an “Adoption Storybook.” But we desperately need your help! Our organization wants you to be apart of this. We want you to make this yours as well. This soft cover book will share the current adoption stories that we have shared already on our social media pages – An email will be sent out to each amazing person who has shared their story with us already for approval, of course. If you have not already received an email from us, it is coming – As well as a dire need to share more adoption stories added into this professional and unique adoption book.

We are also in the works of creating a professional magazine. It will include a few adoption stories, as well as unbiased information on adoption from a birth mother’s perspective, and the option of parenting information.

*We aim for the storybook and the magazine to be handed to Pregnancy Resource Centers around the world.*

Both the book and the magazine will be created by myself – One who has witnessed countless women wish they had known about the option of adoption. What a wonderful way for a woman to explore this option, while setting down at a Pregnancy Resource Center and picking up a book or magazine that shows real-life stories (the greats and the not-so-greats)… But most importantly, this option that is not talked about very often. I knew so much about the options of parenting and abortion when facing my unintended pregnancy at 15 years old, but adoption never crossed my mind until someone told me about it, then a birth mother shared her personal adoption story with me at a Maternity Home later on (Janelle Basham:).
We are searching for awesome adoption stories from amazing birth mothers, birth fathers, and adoptive parents. We do not ask for monetary donations (Although, we would love a donation of any amount, and would be grateful for every penny that would be donated). We are asking for something so priceless and precious. These stories cannot be bought. We do what we do out of our own pockets, most entirely. And we love it, but we cannot continue to do it without you!

Please consider donating your adoption story, with one high resolution photo, to us as a Christmas gift. We will be so honored and humbled to share it. Your story can be two sentences long, to eight paragraphs long. No worries about editing the content of your story for grammar errors. We do that, too! We will use your story in our storybook and magazine (You can also opt out of one or the other). Your story will change a woman’s decision into a decision of parenting or adoption – Choosing life for her baby. She will see that there can be positives in both options.

Since we have been sharing your adoption stories, women have emailed us, stating how inspired they have been in hearing your voices. Some of these women were facing an unplanned pregnancy, and hearing the love from our decision of adoption, most chose to parent – Choosing life for their baby. Some of these women were birth mothers, hiding and feeling ashamed of their decision. But after reading your story, it inspired them to search for their birth child and start talking about their decision.

Adoption can no longer be a taboo. Women who are facing unplanned pregnancies, want to hear your voice, and desperately need you.

You may donate your adoption story here, asap:

We will be humbly collecting these stories until the end of this year to include as a pre-order display for our book and magazine. And we will continue to collect stories to add as we mass produce the book and magazine once we are able to get funds (They are not cheap, but we strive for the best because the adoption community deserves the best). We will also love to continue to use these stories on our social media pages with your approval.

I am also interacting with artists on creating a unique book cover/magazine cover. If you do share your adoption story with us, you will get fun and exclusive updates by email of details about the progress of the book and the magazine.

*If you have questions or ideas, we would love to hear from you! If you do not know me personally already, I am an open book, I love new ideas, criticism, and I love hearing from others! Because this is not about me, this is about the women who need a friend, and the love of someone who has gone through what they are going through. I am praying heavily for each and every sweet person who submits their story to us – for you to inspire, change hearts, and save lives. Love you guys!

We cannot wait to hear from you! Thank you so much, and Happy Holidays!

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