Pregnant During Christmas

I can’t believe we are already at the end of the year…and the end of this pregnancy. I am officially 37 weeks and we are playing the waiting (and patience…) game. We’ve had 2 “practice” labors already this week, I’m praying that means we are getting a head start and maybe Ashlyn will be different from her siblings and not come late.  Regardless, I’m reminding myself that God and this baby know the perfect time for her to come and I will trust in that. Still, now would be a great time since Mark and Savannah are home for the next 2 weeks and I would love the extra help and bonding time for us all before life gets crazy again with our normal routine!

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here before, but we are planning a homebirth this time with our same midwife as I had with Jax. It should be a similar experience, but in my home and no rush out the door with intense contractions this time to get to the birthcenter 🙂 We are looking forward to staying home this time, it was an easy decision to make for us to make and feels right for us.  We have everything ready to go when Ashlyn is ready, having it all waiting by my bed (birth pool and all) makes it surreal…its hard to believe she will be here soon and we’ll have a new addition to our family!

I have to admit, when we found out I was pregnant again this past spring I was kinda dreading having a baby this close to the holidays and our other children’s birthdays. From October to February…the holidays and birthdays are non-stop and it can get so stressful trying to keep up with parties and presents (and it drains the budget!). However, being this pregnant during the Christmas time holiday has been really enjoyable, not just because its makes the time go by fast in the busyness, but because of its meaning . While I know Jesus wasn’t really born on December 25th, its been wonderful to celebrate His coming as a baby as I am anticipating the arrival of my own. I can only imagine how Mary felt, and being pregnant right now feels like a small connection to her as we wait in God’s timing and God’s promises. It has made this Christmas even more exciting and special as we celebrate it one last time as a family of 4. Plus? Its a good excuse to hang Christmas lights up in my bedroom in preparation for birth. They are so peaceful, beautiful, and its good dim lighting for the occasion. They are perfect for what I envision for birth.

Other than the few nights of prelabor contractions keeping me awake and getting my hopes up, I’m still feeling great physically.  Going to the chiropractor through my pregnancy has been a HUGE help with all the extra aches and pains. Usually I have more back and hip pain going on by now, not this time! As long as I don’t over do it with lifting laundry baskets and doing too much cleaning in one day when the nesting urge strikes, then I’m usually feeling great and cherishing her movements inside. While I’m excited to meet this little one, I still really love pregnancy even at this point and find it hard to let it go in the end! I wonder if that has anything to do with why my babies are always late…hmmmm? We’re both just happy to be where we are 🙂

I know my posting has been way slacking, so I’m sure my next post will probably have baby news unless the writing urge strikes again before that.

Merry Christmas!




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