“Mom’s Night Out”: Your Life on Screen



To think I almost canceled and missed out on this blessing of a film.

At one point (30 minutes before I had to leave, an hour before the movie time) I had all 3 kids screaming at the same time for one reason or another. I think the baby was screaming just because everyone else was screaming. I was trying to throw together dinner for them, as well figure out something fast-but-nutritious for myself before trying to leave, and I still needed to nurse my 12 month old. I was flipping quesodillas with one hand and trying hard to keep my calm face on as I had an ever circling argument with my nearly 7 year old about attitudes, all while being told crushing things like, “You don’t love me.”  To say it was the dreaded “crazy hour” was an understatement. Thank God my husband was home for back up!

You see, my friend Kelley over at Forever’s Like a Dream invited me just an hour earlier to a preview of “Mom’s Night Out” that she had tickets for. It isn’t a kid movie? Its free? Done!  I said sure, thinking a night out would be awesome. Then this craziness happened. I wrote her a text, “I need to stay home…my whole house is melting down.”  But, then I looked at my husband and said, “Tell me honestly, do you need me here?”  And he, being the amazing husband he is, said, “Go. Have fun, I got this.”  So I deleted it and figured of all nights, this would be a great night to escape. Lay aside the guilt, momma! So I shoved my face while nursing my youngest, finishing in the nick of time as Kelley arrived at my house. I practically ran to her van thinking to myself, “I’m free! I’m so glad I deleted that text!”

I thought this would be a  typical mainstream movie, but I was surprised to see many familiar faces from awesome faith-based films like “Courageous” in the cast plus other actors known to be super funny (like Patricia Heaton from The Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond!). I cannot give away the plot, but I can tell you it is a must see for so many reasons. And y’all. This movie had me on a rollarcoaster. I was laughing within seconds of the movie starting, literally seconds. It is hard to make this momma laugh out loud or  have for real tears rolling down my cheeks during a movie. This movie did both, so that says something to me. It touched deep down to the core of my heart, my joys, my struggles, my fears, and my life as a mom..simply wanting to be good enough. I can’t get over how they could accomplish all that with a comedy, yet your soul is still impacted with truths to the point of tears throughout the film. It was a portrayal of my life on screen (like the moment I had before going to the movie totally would of fit in this movie!).  It basically summed up my motherhood in the past year. The characters said things out loud that I think (and battle) almost daily.  There are themes of friendship, motherhood, anxiety from all our “blessings,” the importance of self-care (as God has been teaching me!), figuring out how to be joyful in where God has put us,  and it ended with exactly what I needed to hear as encouragement (yet again).

What a surprise blessing to not only get a night of fresh air, and it be an encouragement to come home with a fresh perspective on my important role as a wife and mom. Plus, it was pretty cool we got to hear from Kevin Downes about behind the scenes and get to meet him!


Mom’s Night Out” comes at May 9th (Mother’s Day weekend!). I promise it will be your life on screen, too. Whether you are a new mom, young teenage mom, a Mom with teens, a Grandma, or even a Dad, it is hilarious and so relatable. I have a new top favorite movie and cannot wait to experience it again in May!



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    What a wonderful blessing for you and such an appropriate movie on a rough day. I look forward to it coming out!

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