Matters of the Heart Around Here {Free Printable!}

Thank Before You Speak Free Printable

My children are getting older, which has proven to be both a blessing a challenge rolled into one. More independence is wonderful in many areas (less diapers for one, woot!).

…But with it comes the attitude. Lies. Harsh words. Teasing. And then momma gets involved which may or may not (probably) include yelling. The attitude of our hearts and what comes pouring out is our number one struggle right now in our household. Kids and adults alike.

I couldn’t take the bickering any more! It is a daily– several times a day— battle. Please tell me we aren’t alone?!

command center

So while on my printing spree decorating my new momma command center and homework station I wanted to include some encouraging verses and guidance for all of us.  I’ve seen this quote all over Pinterest but none of them quite matched my style and colors I was going for.  So, I whipped one up for us and thought I’d leave this free printable here for you all to enjoy as well.

May it help us all soften our hearts and think before we speak.
Think Before You Speak

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