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I first met Mama B, also known as Stevie, at a natural birth convention while I was pregnant with Ashlyn in 2012.  While my friend and I waited to hear the amazing Ina May Gaskin speak, we waddled through the mall with our large baby belly stopping at various vendors. Mama B and her sweet peas happened to be one of them, with her 7 week old son snuggled close in a baby carrier.  I had never seen such unique jewelry to represent children’s birth months and I had to check it out. As I asked questions about her craft, which lead to natural birth discussions, a new friendship formed.  It turned out she is a like minded Jesus loving hippie and crafty momma, too!  I so admire her as a mother and follower of Christ, she is a beautiful woman inside and out.


For Christmas that year I received a pea pod made by her representing my 3 kids that I parent, thanks to my sweet hubby. I also had another one made to represent my miscarriage and adoption “loss” to hang beside it (both shown above), as well as another pod that represented my own birth month. I often receive compliments when I wear them! For many months I wore the peas together with my  “Anna necklace” (a heart engraved with her initials on one side and mine on the other) I had made while pregnant with her, so all my babies and special necklaces were close to my heart.

She also does a special technique to represent losses, called Angel Peas, where a slightly smaller pea is used and they appear more “snug” and wrapped in the wire. It is a beautiful way to honor a missed baby’s memory, I think. I love how the options are endless for whatever your needs are and the vibrant colors of the pearls are beautiful. Pearls are one of my favorite things to wear in jewelry, I love simplistic and classic things! They truly are unique, every pea pod I have seen has been different and beautiful with their own stories and meaning.

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More on Stevie:

Mama B’s Sweet Peas is owned by NC artist, Stevie Ballinger.  Stevie hand-crafts pea-in-a-pod style jewelry for Mamas, made with top-quality Swarovski Pearls and Sterling silver wire, and each piece is unique to the person who wears it.  Pearl colors are available in a wide variety of colors; most Mamas choose colors coordinating with their children’s birth month colors, however, you are only limited by your imagination. 


Stevie is happy to help you select colors to make your Sweet Pea the perfect piece of jewelry just for you!  Subscribers of The Grace Bond enjoy 25% off any Pendants and Earrings through April 30th!


That’s right, 25% off for you! 

Use code GraceBond at Mama B’s Sweet Peas shop to receive 25% off your order until April 30th, 2014.

We feel like God has another “pea” to go in our pod one day so I know I will be ordering another one from Stevie at some point (nope, not pregnant). Excited to know what color will be added to our peas one day!

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