Journey to Joy: My Happy Place

happy place

We decided to splurge this year and make our back patio nicer for us to actually enjoy.  Before it was a tiny strip of concrete that could basically hold our grill and that is it. We do enjoy running around in the grass playing soccer or flying kites when the weather is suitable, but after 5 years of being in this home we envisioned how much more we could enjoy our backyard if we could actually sit out there, too!

patio collage 5


While we’ve often had 100 degree heat during the day (thanks, summer!), the mornings for breakfast and evenings are absolutely heavenly. Bonus: makes clean up pretty easy!

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I’ll admit I’m not much of a nature person, despite having 5 years of camp under my belt at Camp Hanes, complete with an entire week of hiking the Appalachian Trail (no showers, using a sweatshirt as a pillow, crackers and salami for lunch, drinking water out of streams. Gasp. Who was that girl?). I don’t much like bugs that tend to favor my flavor, dirt on my hands, getting sweaty, or the wind in my hair (my hair is long and tangles easily, ya know). However, having this extra “room” (technically a gazebo) with a screen we can close to keep mosquitos out and a roof over our heads has been amazing. I can enjoy the outdoors from the safety of our patio. We purchased a few finishing touches like an outdoor dining table, a (fake) plant, string of lights, candles, a chevron rug, and an outdoor chandelier. Looking at them makes me happy. We had a porch swing already that we moved in there with new cushions to update the look (and well, ’cause the old ones were falling apart). That’s my favorite spot. 

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One hand holding coffee (very carefully…) watching the new day’s glow on my children’s morning faces, the other arm cradling my 4 month old while the birds sing a chorus exclaiming God’s glory behind us in the trees. Gently rocking back and forth as we talk about today’s plan. It is a beautiful way to wake up, to start fresh.  And even if the rest of the day feels chaotic, busy, and loud…the mornings are a moment in time filled with calm and simplistic joy.

As I sit here 4 months postpartum, on the brink of where things went down hill after Ashlyn’s birth into postpartum depression,  I know these moments of joy and “doing what works” are crucial to holding on. Finding joy in the chaos is essential to being a mom. This…this is my happy place right now. 

 You speak: Where is your happy place? Tell me about it in the comments!

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