Fit2B Cyber Monday Sale Codes!

fit2b cyber monday

It’s cyber Monday! Time to buy Fit2B – TummySafe Fitness at a discount price for your New Year’s goals 🙂 Tummy safe fitness to heal diastasis recti after pregnancy, safe workouts during pregnancy, and even ones to do with your kids! You can read my experience with how it helped my 5th pregnancy here.

Info and promo codes can be found here.

With 4 kids I don’t have time or money to make it to a gym, I love that I can have this option from the privacy of my home (I’m introverted, yo) and squeeze it in when I can. Plus? My kids love them too! Ready to join me? I need some accountability to tone back up after Sadie’s birth! I love Beth provides an online support group for us as well. Sign up here monthly or for the whole year.

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  1. Karyn says: Reply

    Really wish I would have seen this one yesterday!

  2. Great information! I had never heard of this product, but will be signing up for their newsletter for sure! Thanks for sharing!

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