Feeling Better


Savannah’s bumps are finally drying up and becoming less bothersome. Not that they were extremely itchy, it didn’t seem like, but the fever has gone away and she’s lost that “sick” look in her eyes.

However, the sleep issue has only gotten worse. Savannah is going on 5 months old and still doesn’t want to sleep through the night as books and other Moms tell me, “it’ll get better by age so and so…try this and this” Not for us. We were making progress, though, before the bumps appeared. We were getting a few nights during the week where she would sleep 6 0r 7 nights. Those were refreshing.

You’d think the worst of it would be at the beginning of the week when the bumps were worse and she had a fever, right? No. Each night I’ve had to get up more and more to pop the pacifier back in and turn her music back on. And now, we’ve had to resort to using the swing all night in hopes of longer sleep periods. It’s just that bad. Last night, I think I saw each hour of the clock, sometimes several times within the hour. Needless to say, this week has been testing and quite tiring.

Here’s to hoping as these scabs fall off, sleep returns to our family!

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