Essential Oil Labor Plans

essential oil labor plan

I’m gung-ho about my oils! They have been such a blessing in my family’s lives and onto a path of a healthier life, we rarely visit the doctor or reach for over the counter medications anymore.  I’m super excited to see how they will impact my natural labor and upcoming homebirth as well. Most of these suggestions I have taken from Stephanie Fritz’s book,”Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies.” Which, is an awesome read and a great reference to have on hand!

Here’s my plan for using oils during labor and beyond. I have kept a list of suggestions as guidance so that when in labor I can use my nose/instinct to decide which ones to use at the time. Our bodies are smart to know what it needs! 

Diffuser Oils:

-Grounding Blend & Lavender to relax (my favorite relaxing/sleep combo right now!)
-Juniper Berry & Roman Chamomile for anxiety (Also one of my favorites!)
-Grounding Blend & Orange for anxiety/relaxing
-Orange & Peppermint for focus & energy

Oils to Apply during labor:

-Clary Sage or Women’s Monthly Blend to pressure points if contractions need picking up
-Massage Basil with coconut oil on the low back for pain management
-Massage Grounding Blend and Orange on feet for relaxing
-“Relaxation Blend” (Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense)
-Grounding Spray (Grounding Blend and distilled water to spray as needed during contractions)

Oils to apply last week of pregnancy and after birth:
*This is especially of interest to me in how it will work, as I tend to hemorrhage after birth requiring a pitocin shot. I’m nearly 38 weeks and already applying these oils in hopes it will make a difference along with my supplements (alfalfa, iron, and doTERRA’s LLV)

-“Reduce Bleeding Blend” on lower tummy and back during last week of pregnancy
-Geranium & Anti-Aging Blend on abdomen for excess bleeding after birth
-Lavender, White Fir, Monthly Blend on belly for after pains
-Perineum Spray: Anti-Aging Blend, Frankincense, Lavender
-Grounding Blend on feet of momma and baby

I’ll update what actually got used and how helpful it was when Sadie finally makes her appearance 🙂 Don’t forget you can join me at Wellness & Grace Facebook group for more information on oils and tips!

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