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  • He or She? What will it Bee?

    We had a fun ultrasound this morning!  Newest baby is 16 weeks along now and we decided to find out what we are having… …in 2 weeks. (The sealed envelope is beside me right now. Oh, the torture!) Mark wanted to wait until the birth in February, but I couldn’t wait. Our compromise was to do […]

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  • 8 Tips to Living in Survival Mode

    Survival mode can happen for many reasons. Sickness, family issues, job loss, pregnancy exhaustion, a new baby transition, sleep deprivation, a late postpartum depression (as it was for me this last year)…you name it.  For me, it usually stems around pregnancy and the infant stage because I am just. so. tired. Below are the tips […]

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  • The Silence in Survival Mode

      It has been quiet around here, I know.  I’m just getting out of survival mode. At 12 weeks pregnant now, my need for survival mode has lifted in the last week or two. But, the months before that I have been exhausted to the point of daily necessary naps, living off boxed mac and […]

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  • Ashlyn’s Birth Story

    All my babies have been late, or would have been if not induced on their due dates. I didn’t expect anything less from Ashlyn, I even set my due date a few days later (January 9th) based on my charting rather than the typical last missed period (January 5th) dates most people use to help […]

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  • Connecting With Anna

    So in June another birthday happened…Anna turned 8 years old. EIGHT! I can’t believe it. 10 years old seems so close now, how is that possible? Of course, as with every birthday and Christmas, I searched for the perfect gift. Thankfully, this year’s was easy since the idea came to me months ago. The problem […]