• Blessings
  • I Don’t Deserve This

    I sit here, 12 years since making my choice in Jesus and in adoption… Amazed. Humbled. In awe. The Lord is good, y’all. He takes our ugliness and refines us into something new. He calls us to do His will and gives us strength then to do it. I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve the relationship […]

  • Baby
  • 8 Tips to Living in Survival Mode

    Survival mode can happen for many reasons. Sickness, family issues, job loss, pregnancy exhaustion, a new baby transition, sleep deprivation, a late postpartum depression (as it was for me this last year)…you name it.  For me, it usually stems around pregnancy and the infant stage because I am just. so. tired. Below are the tips […]

  • Baby
  • Parent Like Someone is Watching

    2 weeks ago I loaded my 3 kids into my taxi van to have our monthly chiropractic appointment, everything appearing to be as normal as can be with kids.  However, upon opening my van door to begin the unbuckling process a scent hit me that every mother knows all too well and cringes when it happens […]

  • Encouragment
  • Theme Songs for a Season

    I often have a theme song for my seasons of life. When pregnant with our twins and having had a disappointing ultrasound, “Mighty to Save” by Laura Story was the one God used to speak hope into my uncertainty and waiting for His answer.  I clung to the hope and idea that He was mighty to […]