About Leah

I’m a mix of many things. Some may down right call me a modern day Jesus loving hippie, and that’s okay! I’m a proud birth mom and mother to my children, both here on earth and ones already enjoying Heaven. I’m a wife who hides vegetables in my husband’s dinner so he’ll get them somehow. I’m the mom that rubs oils on my kids feet to help them sleep. I love all things pregnancy and birth as God designed our bodies to do. I’m an aspiring author, feeling called to tell the story of grace that God has written in my life through my adoption story.

And yet, I’m still learning to accept God’s grace daily. This is my story, my journey of how God’s grace is touching my life.

However, this blog isn’t really about me, it’s about Him. God. The one who has placed his fingerprints of grace throughout my life and lead me right back to Him. This is our adoption story and how He redeemed my mess into a beautiful little girl who is doubly loved. This is the story of being lead to a real love. This is the story of how God uses my children to teach me. This is the story of grace in my life, so that other may see Him.

What’s a Grace Bond?

The Grace Bond is the connection of love and forgiveness that is unlike any other. It’s continuous, no matter how much we feel we deserve to let go and hide. It holds us tight to Him for eternity. It’s a bond that can only be strengthened! This blog is meant to be a reminder of that grace.  Not just for me, it’s for you, too.

Take hold, because He hasn’t let you go.