10 Ways Birthmother Grief Feels Like Miscarriage

10 Ways adoption

Don’t forget I blog a lot about adoption and my experience as a birthmom over on adoption.net as well! This is my latest piece about the grief of a birthmom and how I found the emotions similar to my miscarriage heartbreak. I wrote this in hope it helps others connect to one another, especially to put your feet in the shoes of a birthmother, the best way we know how.

1. Leaving the hospital empty handed

I remember being wheeled out of the hospital empty handed two times. Once after I placed at 16 years old and again as a young married mom. Each time I went in with a baby (or two) inside me and was wheeled out with empty arms and a broken heart. It was incredibly hard knowing in an ideal world this wasn’t the way it was supposed to go.  READ MORE


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