10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Open Adoption

10 Things I've Learned in 10 Years of Open Adoption

I’ve got an article over at America Adopts spotlighting the things that I’ve learned in our open adoption relationship.  If you are in an open adoption, what would you add?

My birthdaughter’s 10th birthday is coming in just a few weeks!   As her parents and I have been on this journey with our daughter at the center, here is what I have learned in 10 years of being in an open adoption:


Communication is key. Just as it is with every relationship, communication is essential to a positive and successful open adoption.  This is key from the first meeting and well into the years later!  Both sides need to know about what they are or are not comfortable with openness wise.  Both need to know the boundaries of either side. Will there be letters and pictures twice a year? How often will we visit? What is it okay for your birthchild to call you?  Is it okay to share pictures on Facebook?  This can mean a lot of tough conversations, but it is so helpful to know where each other stands.

 {Read the rest here at America Adopts!}

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